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Every business utilising a pallet racking system must receive inspection and certification of their storage system to ensure workplace safety and compliance. An annual audit and certification of your pallet racking system must include a compliance and certifiable condition report to make sure your pallet racking system meets the Australian standard for steel storage racking AS 4084-2012. You also need to make sure that the correct documents and load signs are in place as a result of your pallet racking certification.

Why is a Pallet Racking Certification Important?

If you are running a business that uses a pallet racking system, there are legal requirements that you must abide by. These requirements are enforced to ensure a safe working environment for your employees by preventing accidents and avoiding capital damage of stored materials.

Listed Below Are the Main Factors on the Pallet Racking Certification’s Importance

  • You are ultimately responsible to maintain a safe and certified storage system
  • You must have load signs in your workplace to enforce safe working practices
  • You must have documentation of any workplace injury, damage, or any other incidents to avoid heavy penalties including workers compensation
  • Annual certification is required by law to continue operating pallet racking systems
  • Steel storage systems installed in a workplace require independent inspections to ensure safety and compliance

D&C Storage Solutions make the entire pallet racking certification process much easier for you. Contact us now to receive a free consultation and presentation of our pallet racking audit and certification system.

If you are unsure weather your Pallet Racking is certified or not, you should act now. D&C Storage solutions can provide obligation free consultation to help you identify your current Pallet Racking status. We are ISO 9001 certified company that specialize in Pallet Racking Annual audit and certification that meet and comply Australian Standard to the highest degree.

It does not matter which Pallet Racking brand you have in your workplace. D&C Storage Solutions is authorized to perform in-depth analysis and certification of all major brands of Pallet Racking systems including Dexion,Colby, Elite Built, Acerack, Macrack, Schafer, Alpha, Brownbuilt, Spacerack, APC and Kraeger.

Our comprehensive and fully compliant certification process will guarantee your storage system meet the Australian standard and cover your business for the entire year.

Our service area includes Sydney, West Gosford, Wetherill Park, Silverwater,Unanderra, Caringbah, Ingelburn, Penrith, Botany and Surrounding Areas.

What are the Benefits of Certified Pallet Racking System?

Beside legal reasons, there are a lot of other benefits of making your Pallet Racking system certified.

  • Provide safe work premises
  • Avoid capital damages
  • Avoid legal penalties and bad reputation
  • Maximize employees productivity
  • Minimize injury and illness in the workplace
  • Reduce the costs of injury and workers compensation

D&C Storage Solutions can help you certify your Pallet Racking storage system. Call us now on 9605 7555 or Contact us online.

Australian Standards for Pallet Racking

D&C Storage Solutions provides a wide range of pallet racking systems from all major brands guaranteed to meet Australian standard for steel storage racking AS 4084-2012. Australian standards for pallet racking outline the following standards required to meet the minimum requirements for the pallet racks.

Standards Australia Logo

Design Procedures
  • Design of cold-formed steel uprights and pallet beams
  • Design of base plate anchorage and frame spacers
  • Pallet beam connections
  • Base plates and anchorage
  • Upright splices
  • Operation of adjustable pallet racking
Erection Tolerances
Test methods
  • Evaluation of tests for determining structural performance
  • Pallet beam to upright connnection tests
  • Tests for sheer stiffness of upright frames
  • Tests on upright splices and floor connections
  • Inspections for damage due to impact
  • Damage classification and risk management

Warehouse Pallet Racking Safety Standards

To ensure safety standards of your warehouse Pallet Racking system, you should closely follow the instructions of your Pallet Racking manufacturer's drawing and technical data for maximum safe workin load.

  • Do not alter the structure without checking the effects against manufacturer's technical data
  • Obtain necessary approval from the manufacturer whenever necessary
  • Pallet Racking should be set up, operated and maintained to be in accordance with Australian Standard for steel storage Racking AS 4084-2012
  • Pallet Racking should be designed specifically for the size, shape and weight of the products being stored
  • Racking should also be compatible with the Pallets and the material handling equipment used in the workplace
  • Forklifts should be able to store retrieve and distribute the materials in your warehouse

Contact D&C Storage Solutions for your Pallet Racking Certification requirements.

Pallet Racking Inspection Checklist

Pallet Racking Inspection is part of Annual audit and certification process. Here is a basic checklist that D&C Storage Solutions will go through during the inspection of your racking system.

  • Any damages made from materials handling equipment
  • Horizontal beam deflection or deformation
  • Safe working unit loads
  • Make sure all loads are uniformly distributed
  • Check for beam level
  • Check for Damaged beam connectors
  • Check for Missing or damaged safety pins
  • Check for Missing or loose components
  • Cause of Corrosion

Is your Pallet Racking Due for Inspection?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if your pallet racking storage system needs an inspection or not. As your pallet racking certifier, D&C Storage Solutions, we will go through the standard safety checklist first. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you had a pallet racking inspection done in the last 12 months?
  • Do you have safe working load signs that are clearly visible in your warehouse?
  • Have you made any modifications to your racking without seeking approval from your racking manufacturer?
  • Have you been documenting incidents, damages, or repairs related to your racking system?
  • Do you have any type of racking protection in place such as an upright guard, corner guard, bodyguard?
  • Are you concerned about the safety of racking system in general?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then it is likely that you need to carry out an inspection of your pallet racking system. Contact us on 9605 7555 or send us an email as we are more than happy to assist.

Unsure if Your Pallet Racking Needs an Inspection?

Pallet racking systems also known as steel storage systems installed in a workplace require regular inspection with a compulsory annual audit and certification. If you are unsure about your pallet racking inspection due date or the entire certification process, you can leave any worry to us.

We provide free consultations, come to your workplace for inspection and do all the necessary hard work to certify your racking system.

D&C Storage Solutions is an ISO-9001 Certified Pallet Racking Company. We are authorized to perform audit and certification on All Major Pallet Racking Brands in Australia. Upon completion of your Certification process you will be awarded fully compliant steel storage Racking certification that conforms that your Pallet Racking storage system meets Australian Standard for steel storage Racking AS 4084-2012

Did your last Pallet Racking Inspection leave you liable?

Do you know over 85% of industry Pallet Racking audits conducted do not meet legislation requirements because they do not meet minimum documentation standards?

Do you know over 93% of industry Pallet Racking companies do not issue their customers with the full set of documents to achieve and maintain annual certification?

Do you know over 96% of audits conducted do not accurately record and report on the full component list of materials within their customers warehouse?

It is very easy to get lost in the detail of complexity in the world of Pallet Racking Certification. The majority of supplier auditing and certification systems do not even meet the minimum regulatory or legislative industry requirements.

Pallet Racking Certification by D&C Storage Solutions

D&C Storage Solutions is an ISO 9001-Certified pallet racking company serving the Greater Sydney Region. We take all uncertainty away by offering a comprehensive and fully compliant pallet racking certification system which is unmatched by any of our competitors.

Once you choose D&C Storage Solutions as your certifying supplier, you receive the benefits of the most up to date support system in Australia. We know our corporate and legislative requirements of a supplier to properly achieve and maintain certification of pallet racking systems are vast and comprehensive.

Why choose D&C Storage solutions for your Pallet Racking Certification?

  • D&C Storage solutions is an ISO-9001 Certified Pallet Racking Company that is authorized to perform Annual audit and certification of your Pallet Racking (Steel Storage Racking) System. No matter which Pallet Racking brand is used in your workplace, we are authorized to perform audit and certification.
  • We have issued thousands of certificates for various Pallet Racking brands including Dexion, Colby, Elite Built,Acerack, Macrack, Schafer, Alpha, Brownbuilt, Spacerack, APC and Kraeger.
  • We have been providing expert advice, service and products to suit range of warehouse storage requirements at very competitive price for customers based inGreater Sydney Region including West Gosford, Wetherill Park, Silverwater, Unanderra, Caringbah, Ingelburn, Penrith, Botany and Surrounding Areas.
  • We can guarantee you a fully compliant steel storage Racking certificationthat conforms that your Pallet Racking storage system comply and meets Australian Standard for steel storage Racking AS 4084-2012

Benefits of Pallet Racking Audit and Certification by D&C Storage solutions

Registered ISO9001-2015 Compliant Steel Storage (Pallet Racking) Annual Audit and Certification

  • Annual registration number provided
  • 351 day retention and automated re-booking each year for 5 years
  • Component product counts and system entry
  • Back to Base aisle and component reporting to your approved regulatory authority
  • Infinite data retention
  • Compliance and Certifiable Condition report provided
  • Administrator processed audit and reports ensuring commission is not a driving factor

In House Repairs

  • In house ISO9001 trained D&C employees conduct all repairs
  • No Independent contractors used under any circumstances
  • AS4084 compliant parts used under all circumstances
  • Certifiable pallet racking condition report process ensures technicians conduct a double check of all damages reported throughout the audit process
  • Any unreported or additional damages are highlighted during repair ensuring a fully compliant steel storage (pallet racking) system post repair completion

Safety Load Sign

  • AS4084 approved 17 point safety load signage
  • Inspection and expiry dates provided
  • Bar code scannable to ensure compliance to AS4084 (no copy) requirements

AS4084 Supplier Incumbent Damage Reporting System

  • Registered and itemised damage reporting system provided
  • D&C Storage Solutions Representative to train your staff on damage reporting in a tool box meeting
  • Bar code scannable to ensure (no copy) compliance
  • 3 monthly damage reporting system available
  • Automated repairs conducted upon receipt of damage notices
  • Warehouse hot spot or operator reporting available to reduce overall annual damage

SafeWork Assistance Program

  • SafeWork compliant reporting systems included in all reports to assist you through any individual audit
  • D&C Representative to communicate and negotiate through any Pallet Racking audit concerns as a representative of Pilot
  • Documents provided to SafeWork to show Company Compliance and staff no compliance with respect to damage reporting

Steel storage (Pallet Racking) Annual Certificate

  • The only industry steel storage (pallet racking) certificate available
  • Component quantity data provided
  • Component brand data provided
  • Registered and bar code scannable to ensure (no copy)
  • 351 day retention and automated reissue

By now you must have realize the important of Pallet Racking annual audit and certification and how it impacts your business. You must have also realized how important it is to choose the right supplier to perform your Pallet Racking certification.

D&C Storage Solutions is here to provide you fully comprehensive, most up to date Pallet Racking Certification that meets Australian standard. If you still got questions, we will be more than happy to assist you further. Call us now on 9605 7555 or Book a Free Consultaion using the form below.