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Custom Made Galvanized Outdoor Pallet Racking Beams

D&C Storage Solutions offers the easiest and most reliable service for customized Galvanized Racking in all of Sydney!

Our selection of galvanized pallet racking beams are perfect for harsh environments and specialized for:

  • Freezer and Cooler rooms
  • Outdoors
  • Wash Down Areas
  • Chemical Application Areas
*Highly recommended for food distributors

Standard beams rust and need to be replaced more frequently when in exposed environments.

Our galvanized beams are corrosion resistant. They can resist rust up to 70 years and have an extended shelf life compared to regular pallet racking beams. They are resistant to mechanical damage, so there is less repairs, replacements, and re-coating needed.

Galvanized beams are advantageous for the safety of your workplace as there is less wear and tear, decreasing the risk of rack failure.

How easy to order?

  • We have among the quickest lead times in the industry, just 3 weeks for ANY beam length (Made to Order).
  • We accept both small and large orders. No order limit.
  • Contact a sales rep today and get a quote within 24 hours!

Our Product

  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • Better outdoor protection
  • Safety locking pins included
  • Made to order for any beam length and strength

We have been successfully completing outdoor galvanized storage systems for our customers for over 60 years.

Get the beams that last and don't look back.