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Damaged pallet racking is a huge risk to a safe working environment. Any damaged pallet racking needs to be repaired as soon as possible to ensure safety and avoid accidents. Performing regular repairs and maintenance of your pallet racking system also helps your business prevent unexpected breakdowns and any capital damages to any valuable stock.

D&C Pallet Racking Repairs and Maintenance

Pallet racking systems can be damaged by forklifts during the loading and unloading of material causing splits, cracks, and damage or bend pallets. This is a large risk to workplace safety and needs to be repaired as soon as they are noticed. This can be avoided entirely through our services of inspection, repairs, and maintenance of your pallet racking system.

At D&C Storage Solutions, we are a team of pallet racking experts with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We specialise in all things pallet racking ensuring no repair is too difficult for us. We have more than 200 different models of all pallet racking brands in stock meaning regardless of what part your pallet racking system requires repairs, maintenance, or complete replacement, we can take care of any complication.

D&C Storage Solutions

Data and Information of All Pallet Racking Brands from 1976 to Present

D&C Storage Solutions have a long-lasting history of documenting our entire working process. Whether it is repairs, maintenance, inspection, auditing, certification, or even the manufacturers information of all brands since 1976, we have it in our system. This information is crucial in finding the matching parts and accessories to perform repairs and maintenance to any racking system no matter the age.

D&C Storage Solutions

Onsite Fabrication Repairs

Pallet racking repairs such as metal fabrication and welding require onsite operation. This can be completed without any hassle by our highly experienced in-house fabricators who are able to come onsite and perform the necessary fabrication repairs for welded products. Our team of experts can also help you achieve custom modifications to your existing pallet racking system to custom suit your business requirements.

Regular Repairs and Maintenance of Pallet Racking system

Pallet Racking system can get damaged by forklifts, during loading unloading of material, inappropriate use or over loading. Split, cracked, damaged or bend pallets are huge risk to workplace safety. They should be repaired as soon as you noticed them. This will help you keep your workplace safe and secure from any unexpected breakdowns and prevent capital damage of your stock. Most of these accidents can be easily avoided by performing regular inspection, repairs and maintenance of your Pallet Racking system.

D&C Storage Solutions

We provide wide range of Pallet Racking services

D&C Storage Solution is currently serving Greater Sydney Region including Minto,Wetherill Park, Silverwater, Botany, Caringbah, Penrith, West Gosford and Unanderra. You can rely on us for wide range of Pallet Racking service including repairs, maintenance, inspections, auditing and certification.

Call us today on 9605 7555 for free consultation and onsite inspection about your Pallet Racking repairs, maintenance, inspection or certification requirements. Our professional team of experts with over 20 years of industry experience will be more than happy to assist you further.