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About us

In March 2004, the now two directors of D&C Storage Solutions met for a coffee. As a result of being introduced to pallet racking by a mutual colleague, they say the rest is history.

We at D&C Storage Solutions quickly realised that we are different. Different to any other material handling equipment company.

As our business grew, we found ourselves at a combined industry experience of 60 years in the following services.

  • Our Services

  • Complete Pallet Racking Solution

  • Pallet Racking Audit and Certification

  • Cantilever Racking

  • Mezzanine Floor

  • Unique Storage Techniques

  • Long Term Storage Strategies

  • Warehouse Design and Relocation

  • Warehouse Operational Plans

  • Australian Code and Standards

  • Ongoing Support and Repairs

A typical pallet racking company cannot see past the sale and the customer is often left wondering. We wanted to offer more. We wanted to find a way to support our customers and making it more than just a sale.

D&C Storage Solutions

Our goals

We wanted to find a solution to our industries two largest problems. The importation of inferior racking and the failure of pallet racking companies auditing and load signage systems.

Australian Standard

What would follow would be the creation of the material handling industries first registration system

Finally a customer can now meet the ongoing annual requirements planned years ahead rather than receiving inferior load signs on their installation as an afterthought.

And leaving messages and hoping that their supplier will turn up next year to fix the problem.

Excellent Service

Secondly, and off the back of us becomingexperts on our Australian Standards we took the bold move to become structural certifiers.

Customers who have the problem of being tricked into buying uncertifiable imported product now have a company that they can rely on.

We can provide wide range of industry standard pallet racking services that meets and comply with Australian code and standards along with excellent ongoing support.

We love selling racks, we love designing systems, but our passion is supporting our customer. It hasn’t been easy and being human we are not perfect, but here at D&C we will continue to innovate and develop our systems to support you because for us – It’s not just Metal.