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Wire mesh decks are used as a shelving solution for pallet racking. You can stack products on mesh decks to help you create extra storage space. It is an industry standard storage solution that creates extra storage space, making it possible to stack products on your shelving preventing them from falling off.

What are the benefits of wire mesh decks?

  • Tough and reliable solution for storing variety of goods
  • Create additional shelves with desired height
  • Flexible enough to adjust, install and remove from the pallet racks
  • Industry standard storage solution
  • Strong and durable compared to plywood decks
  • Economical storage solution
  • Allows easier air flow compared to other decking solutions
  • Provides better visibility
  • Can be used in cool rooms and freezers

Why use wire mesh decks?

  • To create multiple levels of storage space
  • To store products of different shape and size easily
  • To prevent products from falling off the racking
  • To provide easy picking, packing and storage
  • To make unloading and offloading directly on the pallet racks

These mesh decks are tough and reliable especially when contrasted to plywood decks while being most suitable for holding uneven amounts of storage or unsecured loose products. Putting products on mesh decks will provide better visibility of stored products while allowing greater airflow compared to other decking solutions which is perfect for use in cool rooms and freezers.

Mesh Decks from D&C Solutions Group

We provide high quality new and used mesh decks. Our range of mesh decks have a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and carry capacities to suit any pallet racking requirement. We can assist you in finding the right wire mesh deck solution to suit your business.

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