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Pallet racking systems, also known as steel storage systems, installed in a workplace require independent inspections in order to ensure safety and compliance. The inspection must be done at regular intervals and must occur no longer than 12 months apart.

An inspection must be performed in line with the Australian standard AS4084, and the audit must include a compliance and certifiable condition report.

How D&C Storage Solutions Can Help You

When you choose D&C Storage Solutions as your certifying supplier, you receive the benefits of the most up to date support system in Australia. We have dedicated ourselves to find out all of the corporate and legislative requirements, ensuring our commitment to them.

The requirements of a supplier to correctly achieve and maintain certification of a steel storage system is vast and comprehensive, however, with D&C Storage Solutions we believe we provide the most reliable service effectively delivering on every requirement set by a consumer. Here is a list of the supportive functions you receive from us.

  • Registered audit with updated automated system
  • Unique annual registration number displaying to SafeWork that you exceed the minimum requirements
  • Compliance report and certifiable condition report
  • Our market leading annual steel storage component certificate
  • Comprehensive annual damage reporting system

Did you know that your racking supplier is responsible under our industry code to supply you with a documentation system to properly report and track your damages and incidents to all steel storage systems on your site?

What are your responsibilities?

You are ultimately responsible to maintain a safe and certified storage system in your workplace. This includes having all the correct documentation processes and load signs in place as a result of an inspection.

You also need to make sure that the correct Documents and load signs are in place as a result of those inspections.

To achieve this, you need to choose the correct supplier. A supplier who not only has the knowledge to support your business, but also has the systems to ensure compliance in the unlikely event of an incident.

Facts About Annual Audit and Certification

Over 85% of industry pallet racking audits conducted do not meet legislation requirements because they do not meet minimum documentation standards

Over 93% of industry pallet racking companies do not issue their customers with the full set of documents to achieve and maintain annual certification

Over 96% of audits conducted do not accurately record and report on the full component list of materials within their customer’s warehouse.

Within the world of steel storage auditing, it is extremely easy to get lost in the detail of complexity. There is an overwhelming majority of supplier auditing systems that are not even meeting the minimum regulatory or legislative industry requirements. D&C solutions removes all of the worry by offering our customers a comprehensive and fully compliant certification system which is unmatched by any of our competitors.

Contact us now to receive a free consultation and presentation of our auditing system.

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