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D&C Storage Solutions provide expert consultancy to help you choose the best pallet racking system that suits your racking requirements. Every warehouse requires a reliable and safe pallet racking system that is space effective. Contact us today on 9605 7555 for all your pallet racking and shelving needs.

What is Pallet Racking

  • Pallet racking is the industry standard storage system for businesses of all size including warehouses, local businesses, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities
  • Pallet racking is made of high-quality steel and available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and weighing capacity
  • Built using several vertical upright frames and horizontal beams
  • Can be used to store several palletised items
  • Can be built single or multi-level
  • Used to store pallets or individual items in a horizontal row
  • Forklifts are usually required to store and dispatch items from pallet racks

New Pallet Racking

We provide brand new pallet racking from all major brands including Dexion, Colby, Schaefer, Alpha, EliteBuilt, Acerack, Macrack, Brownbuilt, Spacerack, APC and more.

Used Pallet Racking

We carry a large number of used frames, beams, and pallet racking components. Our stock can support from 100 square metres to 15,000 square metre distribution centre installations.

Specialty Pallet Racking

D&C Storage Solutions have been providing specialty racking solutions to businesses across Sydney for many years. We have all kinds of specialty racking including structural racks, galvanised racks, pallet live storages, carton live storages, triple deep, and multi angle A frame racks or L racks.

Selective Pallet Racking

Take advantage of our cost effective, custom built, new and used selective pallet racking solutions in order to perfectly suit any of your warehouse storage needs. Specialty pallet racking allows the ability to store products of different width, length, depth, height, and weight with confidence.

Benefits of Pallet Racking

  • Uses vertical space to create a multiple level storage system that provides more space
  • Forklifts can be used to easily store and dispatch pallets in and out of the racks
  • One of the safest storage systems to store large quantities of pallets or materials
  • Built using high quality steel that last for many years
  • Can be used to store heavy duty products
  • Helps you manage large amounts of products in an easier, safer, and more efficient way

Buying and Installing Pallet Racking

  • Before buying or installing pallet racking, set your budget and decide on using brand new or used racking
  • Design a layout of your racking system to suit warehouse size shape and height
  • Make sure the racking is in good condition and can be certified
  • Buy from a supplier who can also perform annual audit and certification of your racking
  • Ensure safe and easy access to forklifts for better storage and distribution of pallets
  • Make sure the proper lighting system is implemented in your storage facility in order to avoid incidents
  • Get it installed by qualified installers
  • Buy from ISO9001 certified pallet racking suppliers

Why Choose D&C Storage Solutions

60 Years of Industry Experience

D&C Storage Solutions was established by a team of professionals with a combined pallet racking industry experience of 60 years. We sell, install, design, relocate, perform annual audit, inspection, certification, repairs, maintenance, and more.

All Australian Brands in Stock

We carry a huge stock of high quality new and used pallet racking and cantilever racking frames, beams, and components that can support warehouses that expand from 100 square metres to 15,000 square metres.

All Racking Audit & Certification

We can provide pallet racking inspection, followed by a fully compliant annual audit and certification that is unmatched by any other pallet racking service providers. Take advantage of our free consultation or contact us on 9605 7555 for more information.

Sydney's Most Trusted Pallet Racking Supplier

We have over 1700 Current ISO Registrations with 0 Safety Incidents during installation

All Pallet Racking Services Under One Roof

When you choose us as your preferred pallet racking supplier, we offer you ongoing protection, repairs, inspection, auditing, and certification. We not only provide pallet racking service, but we also keep complete records of all pallet racking components OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket for all brands of racking. We carry all data and manufacturers information of all pallet racking brands produced from 1976 to now.

All Australian Brands to Choose From

We carry all Australian Pallet Racking brands including Dexion, Colby, Schaefer, Alpha, EliteBuilt, Acerack, Macrack, Brownbuilt, Spacerack, APC and Kräeger. We provide expert advice, service, and products to suit a range of warehouse storage requirements at a competitive price for customers across Sydney NSW.