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Wire mesh decks are used as a shelving solution for pallet racking. You can stack products on mesh decks to help you create extra storage space.

What are the benefits of wire mesh decks?

  • Tough and reliable solution for storing variety of goods
  • Create additional shelves with desired height
  • Flexible enough to adjust, install and remove from the pallet racks
  • Industry standard storage solution
  • Strong and durable compared to plywood decks
  • Economical storage solution
  • Allows easier air flow compared to other decking solutions
  • Provides better visibility
  • Can be used in cool rooms and freezers

Why use wire mesh decks?

  • To create multiple levels of storage space
  • To store products of different shape and size easily
  • To Prevent products from falling off the racking
  • To provide easy picking, packing and storage
  • To make Unloading and offloading directly on the pallet racks