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Cantilever racking allows you to utilize the height of your warehouse to store long and heavy items that comes in irregular shape and size.

  • Easy to install, dismantle and reuse
  • Easily adjustable arms to adjust height as required
  • Can be used to store long heavy oversized items
  • Perfect solutions for storing long bulky items like lumber, pipes, carpets etc
  • Can be used to store materials with varying weight
  • Available in Heavy Duty, Medium and Light Duty
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor storage
  • Rapid access to forklifts
  • Available in either galvanized or powder coated
  • You can build single sided or double sided storage system

There are countless benefits of cantilever racking. If you looking to store long heavy items such as steel pipes, plywood, timber or building materials, look no further.

Cantilever racking is best suited to store those long heavy products. You can even use it outdoor. As a result you will have a well organized storage area with lots of free space.