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What is warehouse racking?

Warehouse racking is a storage system to store materials in a horizontal rows and vertical levels. It helps you store more products in less space by using less floor space and utilizing the available height of a warehouse. It also provides you a faster and easier accessibility and allows forklifts to operate for storing and dispatching goods.

Things to consider before deciding on warehouse racking system


Depending on your budget, you can go for either used or brand new racking.

Floor plan

Decide how much floor space you want to utilize for installing warehouse racking system.

Storage capacity

Depending on how much storage capacity you need, you can plan your racking requirements ahead of time.

Forklift access

Make sure to have plenty of space for forklifts to move around between racks for easier and faster accessibility.


Create a plan to store different types of goods in different levels that will work best for you in terms of inventory and stocktake.

Types of warehouse racking

Checkout the following racking and shelving system and decide which one is right for you.

  1. Cantilever racking
  2. Specialty racking
  3. Selective racking
  4. Push back racking
  5. Conduit racking
  6. Drive-in racking
  7. Warehouse shelving
  8. Long span shelving

What other services do we provide?

Custom Design 

We can custom design a racking system to suit your need.

Repairs and Maintenance

We can repair, replace or perform maintenance to make your racking fully compliant.

Installation, relocation, dismantling and buyback

We have a team of experts for any type of pallet racking installation, relocation, dismantling and even buyback your used racking.

Inspection, audit and certification

Our detailed inspection, audit and award winning certification process will ensure your racking system meets Australian standard all year round.

Why would you choose us? 

  • Competitive market price
  • Experienced team of engineers, auditors and installers
  • Serving entire NSW
  • New and used pallet racking materials
  • All popular brands available with wide range of size and shape
  • Free onsite measure and quote