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Check your Pallet Racking Certification Status Online


Pallet racking must be installed correctly by following the Australian Standard guidelines to avoid any future damages and workplace injuries. Correct installation of racking will help you meet the requirements for an annual audit and certification.

To correctly install pallet racking that complies with the Australian Standard, you must follow the following guidelines from AS4048-2012 (Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking 2012)

Racking installation must have a permanent, corrosion-resistant plaque not less than 125mm long and 125mm high with maximum load action figures (load sign), written in a large font and mechanically secured to the racking structure at 2m above the floor level with the following information:

  • Permissible working unit load limit.
  • Permissible total working unit load for each pallet beam level.
  • Permissible total working unit load limit for each bay.
  • Designer's name
  • Racking manufacturer's name, supplier's name and trademark, and the installation date.
  • The maximum distance from base plate level to the first beam level, and the maximum distance between first and second beam levels.

Load application, racking configuration drawings and specifications shall be furnished with each racking installation. A notice shall be included on the drawing that deviations from the drawings may impair the safety of the racking installation.


If the racking is required to be used in more than one configuration, structural drawings shall include each required configuration.

Source: AS 4048-2012 Steel Storage Racking


To make sure you have correctly installed pallet racking that is safe, secure, and fully compliant, you can contact D&C on 9605 755. We offer our award-winning installation and certification service across the Greater Sydney Region and selected NSW Regional locations.