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Cantilever racking is a perfect storage solution to store long bulky items such as timber, lumber, pipes, and other hardware and building materials. Cantilever racking can be used for both indoor and outdoor storage. 

Heavy duty cantilever racking

Heavy duty cantilever racking can be used to store wide range of long and bulky items easily. It does not use front uprights that would otherwise prevent access to store long bulky products. It is a perfect solution for carrying heavy load of timber, lumber, steel, pipes and other heavy duty materials. If you looking to store long heavy items either indoor or outdoor, heavy duty cantilever racking is a perfect solution for you.

Medium duty cantilever racking

Medium duty cantilever racking is a solution that suits most of the business that requires multi level storage system to store long materials such as pipes, lumber, timber, garden materials, building materials etc. Medium duty cantilever racking is suitable to store not too heavy, not too light but medium weight materials either indoor or outdoor.

Light duty cantilever racking

Light duty cantilever racking is ideal for business who need to store long products such as pipes and building materials that are not too bulky in shape and size. It is a low cost solution to store oversized items using the available height of your warehouse. As a result, you get more space and have easy access to your materials.