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Drive-In racking is a warehouse storage system where pallets are placed deep inside the racking by sliding backward. In drive in racking system, pallets are stored deeper to increases the storage capacity. You can use forklifts safely and easily to store and access pallets from the racks.

In drive-in racking system, pallets can slide backwards on a unique self centering rails and position itself automatically for safe and easy storage and picking. Picking and replenishing can be done safely and easily using conventional forklifts making it ideal solution for your unique storage requirements.

Drive in pallet racking is a perfect storage solution for storing high volume products with easy access in your warehouse. It is best suited for business that requires a storage system with extended storage capacity for similar products.

What are the benefits Drive-In Racking?

  • Dense storage in limited space - It is ideal storage system for storing large quantities of pallets in high floor area in multiple levels deeper and higher.
  • Storing similar products - It is ideal for storing similar products with longer shelf life due to its deep storage system.
  • Easy forklift access - Forklifts can be used to enter the racking itself to load, unload, picking and replenishing the pallets using forklifts.
  • Maximize available space - The ability to store pallets in high floor area helps you utilize the storage racks that would otherwise left empty. 
  • Cost effective - You can save storage costs by using drive-in racking, which will allow you to store multiple level higher and deeper. For example, a cold storage facility can use drive-in racking to lower electricity cost because of it’s compact storage system.
  • Fragile goods storage - Stacking fragile goods on top of each other on the floor can cause crushing and damages. You can use drive in racking to store those fragile goods in racks multiple level high and deeper.
  • Self centering rails - Drive-In racking uses unique self-centering rails to position pallets quickly and safely.

Things you should know about Drive in racking

  • Not suitable different products type - Drive-In racking is only suitable for dense storage with low rotation frequency and is not suitable for storing different products type.
  • Last in first out (LIFO) system - Drive-In racking system is last in first out system (LIFO) opposed to first in first out (FIFO)

D&C provides Australian made Drive in racking system that meets and comply with Australian Standard for steel storage Racking AS 4084-2012.

Our Drive-In racking solutions can be custom built to suit your business requirements. Call us today on 9605 7555 to take advantage of our award winning racking system with competitive market price.