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Push back racking is a system that creates a high-density storage capacity by allowing you to store up to 6 pallets deep on either side of an aisle while utilising the FILO (first in last out) system. Forklifts are used to push pallets back on inclined rails that are mounted inside the racking so that once the front pallet is removed from the racking, the pallet behind it will automatically move to forward to fill the empty position.

D&C Storage Solutions have all of your push back pallet racking needs. If you are looking to store multiple pallets of the same product SKU (stock keeping unit) then push back racking is the most effective.

Why Use Push Back Racking?

  • Work best at holding up to 6 pallets deep of the same product pallet
  • Provides additional space
  • FILO (first in last out) as opposed to FIFO (first in first out)
  • Easy installation and modification process making it ideal for growing warehouses
  • Racking uprights are widely available in a range of different widths, depths, and thicknesses
  • The unique diamond slot is better at interlocking the upright and beam
  • Push back tracks make the pallets smoothly slide in 
  • Front and rear upright protectors for safe operation
  • Compact and simple to manage