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It is easy to maintain safety of your pallet racking systems. We have outlined some of the key steps here that will help you maintain a safe Pallet racking system.

Choosing the right pallet racking solution

There are many different types of Pallet Racking systems available in the market. You should choose the racking system that perfectly suits your business requirements. If you are unsure about your Pallet racking requirements, you can always consult with your local Pallet racking experts.

D&C Storage Solutions have branches all across Sydney region including Minto, Wetherill Park, Botany, Penrith, Silverwater, Caringbah, West Gosford and Unanderra. Call us on 9605 7555 for free measurement and consultation.

Range of pallet racking options available

You have many different types of pallet racking options to choose from. Here are some of the most common types of pallet racking solutions available in the Australian market:

There are also many different components for each types of Pallet racks. Choosing the wrong type of Pallet racking solution for your business is more likely to cause racking damages. A through analysis and design of the storage area is required to ensure the safety and longitivtiy of your pallet racking system.

Understanding pallet racking usage to ensure long term safety


It is important to understand the types of products that will stored in the pallet racking. Custom Pallet racking solution might be needed based on the dimension, weight and nature of the product that will be stored on the pallets.

Handling method

Handling method is important thing to keep in mind before you choose your next Pallet racking system. Will the forklifts be used most of the time to store the materials? Will the materials be handled manually by people? What is the frequency of loading and unloading of the material into the racking? These factors play important role in your Pallet racking storage system.

Storage area

Storage area is another important factor for safe Pallet racking storage system. Easy access to forklifts or factory workers to handle the materials is important. A custom Pallet racking solution might be necessary to make the most of your storage area.